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Where to eat in Trinity: Brasilian barbecue at Cabana

Last weekend, we were delighted to be offered the chance to head down to Cabana in Trinity to sample a cuisine that is often overlooked in Britain: Brasilian BBQ.

We were given the opportunity to try a main with a couple of sides, a pudding each, and a couple of drinks each (with our 4 month old in tow, we restricted ourselves to soft drinks, but the cocktails looked awesome!).

In all honesty, we aren’t overly familiar with Brasilian barbecue food, so can’t really comment on whether the seasoning and flavours were exactly as they should be, so our review is based on how things tasted to us rather than as a comparative critique alongside genuine Brasilian food!

Upon our arrival, we were impressed by the decor inside and the waiting staff were very attentive. Cabana offers a nice baby friendly atmosphere and there’s enough noise and hustle and bustle to cover any little cries, which made it all quite a relaxing affair.


We were slightly surprised that Cabana doesn’t have a bar area for a pre-meal cocktail but in all honesty you can’t complain about the location nor the vibe of Cabana.

Menu-wise, we skipped over the snacks on offer and ordered a couple of mocktails. These really delivered on flavour and looked rather attractive to boot.

In terms of food, Charlotte decided to go for the spicy Malagueta chicken with sweet potato fries and homeslaw, and I opted for the chilli chilli lamb lamb that came with biro-biro rice. In addition to this, we ordered the sides of Rio beans and Feijoada fries, just to make sure we had enough food..! 

When the plates arrived, the first thing to say is that the meat came on skewers but was promptly popped off the skewer onto a plate. While we enjoy a bit of theatre, it seemed a little odd that it didn’t just stay on the skewer or else not turn up on one at all, but that’s just an opinion and of course did not impact upon the taste!

My palm hearts were an unexpected treat and tasted fantastic while my lamb packed a nice punch without blowing my head off. The rice had some lovely crispy textures mixed into it and the whole dish worked particularly well when drenched in Malagueta chilli oil.


Charlotte was impressed by the spice level of her dish and the moist, well cooked chicken. The sweet potato fries were crispy and again suited the dish, the homeslaw offering a nice cooler side to contrast against the spice levels.


In terms of the additional sides, the real star was the Feijoada fries. Offering some meaty flavours and oozing flavour, this was almost a dish in its own right! The Rio beans were also tasty and I would strongly recommend them.


Feeling fairly stuffed, we moved onto dessert! Trying to keep things traditional, we opted for chocolate raindrop doughnuts and a Brasilian inspired chocolate cake called Nega Maluca. With both of these dishes sounding lovely and chocolatey, things were unlikely to go wrong!

For me personally, the real star of the puddings was the chocolate raindrop doughnuts. They came with a dip of Nutella, with Nutella already stuffed into the middle of the deep fried little doughnuts. There were even toothpicks on the side to help try to keep things a little dainty and civilised. These really were a dream; light enough to be a good pudding and tasty enough to make you want more, I would come here for these alone!


The Nega Maluca was a nice rich chocolate cake that was perhaps the wrong choice for us as we had already overeaten and this was a touch too heavy.


All in all, we were left impressed with Cabana. It may not be the cheapest option in Trinity but for something different, you can’t go wrong here. The range of different people there during our visit, from families to couples to groups of friends, proved that it has a nice broad appeal.

If you do pop down, I implore you not to leave without trying the chocolate raindrop doughnuts, a triumph of a pudding!

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