Tilley launch new Airflo hat designs for summer

If you know your hats, you’ll know that the Tilley brand is recognised across the globe for its iconic and classic designs, which are not only intended to look good but also to perform to the highest standard.

The new T5MO model has been made from organic cotton and is one of a family of styles which feature Airflo technology and also UPF 50+ protection. This combination makes them highly sun protective, breathable, very lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear, even for long stretches of time.


We road-tested ours during a hike on a hot Yorkshire day and found the combination of breathability and sun protection unbeatable. Because the crown of the hat has in-built mesh, it allows hot air to escape and cool air to flow through, and you can actually feel this happening. It prevents that hot, sticky feeling you get when on a hike wearing a cap, or similar hat.



Other unique features include a secret stash pocket in the crown to keep valuables
safe and all the hats float as foam is inserted into the crown, ensuring they will never sink. Wind-cords keep the hats securely in place in windy conditions, which is also essential for using them in places like Yorkshire!

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