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Fodder in Harrogate: Fresh food, fantastic coffee, incredible views…and all for a good cause

Supporting a good cause whilst treating yourself to some foodie goodies seems to be becoming far easier these days. We are lucky enough to have Crag House Farm on our doorstep in north Leeds but we recently found another foodie gem in Yorkshire that happens to support a good cause.

Fodder in Harrogate is a shop and cafe that supports local farmers. They support over 300 local farmers and producers and have made it their mission to make it simple for these food producers to find a route to market. It’s been a huge success since opening, with a number of loyal customers and walk-in diners like I was a couple of weeks ago.

The shop is full of foodie treats, ranging from an amazing cheese counter, to a meat counter bursting with gems like spatchcock chickens, cuts of lamb, beef, and pork, fresh vegetables, unusual items like chutneys, relishes, and sweet treats.

Fodder in Harrogate

Moving through the shop to the cafe area, it becomes clear that not only is this a fantastic shopping destination for foodies, but also a family friendly location for lunch or breakfast.

We arrived at lunchtime and had to wait 5-10 minutes for a table, proof of how popular Fodder has become in the local area. Once we had sat down, we perused the menu and tried to narrow down our choices from all of the tasty-sounding options on there.

I decided to keep it classic and went for a cream cheese and smoked salmon sandwich. When it arrived, I was impressed; everything tastes fresh and packed full of flavour and this even carried through to the side salad, which I usually ignore! Here, I wolfed it down.

Fodder in Harrogate

The coffee was also of a very high standard at Fodder; smooth but strong, it had a real kick to it.

After doing some Christmas shopping in the fantastic shop, and regretting the fact that I had no room for a slice of cake (the cakes looked like heaven on a plate but the slices were huge! Next time I hope I’ll have room…) we headed home happy that we’d found this little tucked away gem of a place a short drive from the middle of Harrogate.

We also noticed on the way out that Fodder have a van outside selling bacon sandwiches, a perfect option for commuters on the go who don’t have time to pop into the main cafe.

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