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Salvo’s Salumeria: Breakfast staples and Italian delicacies done to perfection in Headingley

Leeds folk living in or around Headingley are pretty spoiled for choice when it comes to tasty breakfast locations suitable for a lazy weekend morning.

Our go-to breakfast spot in Headingley is, without a doubt, Whites, a cafe/bar that does amazing coffee, fantastic eggs, and plenty more in between. Last weekend, however, we thought we’d try something a little bit different, and so we headed to Salvos Salumeria, an authentic Italian deli and cafe that sits next door to Salvo’s Italian restaurant in Headingley, a true North Leeds institution.

Salvo's Salumeria in Headingley

We ordered an Italian take on a good old-fashioned sausage sandwich with tomato ketchup, and a pain au chocolat, along with two coffees.

Pain au chocolat isn’t exactly a rare breakfast item but Salvo’s do pain au chocolat to perfection. The pastry was buttery, warm, and the chocolate running through it was dark, intense and slightly bitter. This was a French staple given an Italian twist and extremely tasty it was too. I could’ve eaten 10 of them.

Salvo's Salumeria in Headingley

The sausage sandwich, however, was the star of the show. The sausage had the texture of a combination of a pate and a good quality pork sausage. Instead of the normal tomato ketchup, there was real Italian tomato running through the ciabatta sandwich. This made us look at sausage sandwiches in a whole new light!

Salvo's Salumeria in Headingley

As for the coffee, you expect Salvo’s to do this well and do it well they did. My mocha was silky, chocolatey, and creamy. Kyle’s espresso was rich and a perfect caffeine hit for a Sunday morning.

Salvo's Salumeria in Headingley

As we left, we noticed some little sweet cream filled pastries on sale at the deli counter. We couldn’t resist buying some, and so went home with some pistachio, White chocolate, and hazelnut and chocolate pastries. We enjoyed these later after lunch and they really were delicious.

Salvo's Salumeria in Headingley

Salvo’s Salumeria is a little gem in Headingley that offers amazing food, a laid-back relaxed Italian atmosphere and also fantastic service. It makes for the perfect spot for a lazy Sunday morning breakfast for any North Leeds foodies.

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