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Where to eat in Gran Canaria: Ice cream and cake at Pingüino Soul Heladería Pastelería

There’s not exactly a shortage of ice cream parlours in Meloneras but, speaking from experience after our recent holiday in Gran Canaria, Pingüino Soul Heladería Pastelería is one of the best.

The cafe sells great coffee (including iced coffee which, contrary to what we’re used to in the UK, involves coffee with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream), a decent range of cakes and tarts, and fantastic ice cream.

We sampled breakfast at Pingüino Soul Heladería Pastelería; I went for a sublime cookies cake that I couldn’t finish, and Kyle opted for a slice of apple cake.

FullSizeRender (26)

The ice cream, though, was where it was really at. The combination of Oreo and Kinder flavours was indulgent and moreish, and the lemon sorbet offered a lighter option for after-dinner refreshment. The cafe also sells waffles and does huge ice cream sundaes with fruit in.

One negative point about Pingüino Soul Heladería Pastelería is the service. On one occasion we waited 20 minutes for a menu; the place seemed understaffed and the waiters were verging on the rude side. We’ve since read several poor reviews of this cafe solely based on the bad service, which is a shame as the food and drink on offer is so good.

For a takeaway ice cream in Meloneras, this is a great find. If you’re wanting to sit down and linger for a few drinks, try somewhere else; the service will detract from the relaxing experience you’re after!

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