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Great British Bake Off: Episode Seven Recap

Week seven on GBBO saw the bakers tasked with recreating recipes from the past. Here are the highlights in case you missed the show last night!

  • The Signature Challenge tasked the bakers to make a game pie, a favourite recipe from the Victorian times. Nadiya’s pie sounded divine, packed full of spices to bring out the flavours of her choice of meat: rabbit, venison and duck.
  • Of course Ian had to do something that made us cringe. He made “Roadkill Pie”, a homage to his penchant for picking dead animals up off the road where he lives and forcing his family to eat ghoulish foodie creations based around the roadkill meat. Paul Hollywood’s face when Ian described the influence behind his pie was a picture.
  • It was lovely Tamal, though, who came out on top. His pie not only looked amazing but the flavours of the filling brought him a handshake from Paul.
  • The technical challenge was creating a weird cake that looks like a tennis court, which apparently became popular during Victorian times. Cue plenty of confusion over how best to construct the net made out of icing.
  • Nadiya came out on top, with an expertly constructed net, with Mat, last week’s Star Baker, coming in last place. Would this put Mat in prime position for the chop this week?
  • And so on to the showstopper. I thought this week’s showstopper was a bit boring. The bakers were tasked with making a Charlotte Russe, which is basically a bavarois surrounded by sponge ladyfingers and topped with jelly.
  • Mat seemed to struggle right from the off, his sponge fingers looking frankly ridiculous and his filling refusing to set properly. Predictably, the judging did not go well for him and it started to look more and more inevitable that he’d be sent packing.
  • Tamal seemed to come out on top with his effort, his Charlotte Russe looking fantastic and tasting even better.
  • Ultimately, it was Mat’s time to go. He put up a brave effort this week, but it did seem that the baking in the tent had moved beyond a level he’s comfortable with.
  • Tamal was named Star Baker, which we’re thrilled about as he’s a lovely chap! He seems to get better each week – could he be a potential winner this year?

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