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Sampling breakfast at Leeds’ Hotel Chocolat Roast + Conch

There’s no shortage of breakfast options in Leeds city centre. Leeds is flush with fantastic independent coffee shops (Mrs Atha’s, Laynes Espresso etc) and greasy spoons suitable for a hangover cure (Riveresque on the banks of the River Aire is our favourite). Last weekend, though, we fancied trying somewhere new and, on a whim, we headed into Hotel Chocolat Roast + Conch, a cafe owned by Hotel Chocolat.

Hotel Chocolat Roast + Conch

Hotel Chocolat Roast + Conch

The cafe is situated near the train station and very near to Trinity, so it’s no surprise that it always looks really busy inside. The space inside is relaxed and perfect for a catch-up over coffee with friends, or a quick breakfast with family. We were in there for the latter and we weren’t the only ones.

A quick scan of the menu later and my eye fell upon a salted caramel chocolate brownie and a chocolate coffee (or a mocha to us mere mortals). Kyle, not quite as much of a chocolate fiend as me, decided to go down the savoury route and ordered grilled avocado with poached eggs and vine tomatoes with a lime dressing, all stacked on top of toast.

My brownie was genuinely delicious. It had a slightly more cake-like texture than many brownies do and it was all the better for it. Sometimes brownies can be a little too dense in texture, but this was light and fluffy. The caramel was drizzled across the top of the brownie and you could really taste the salt. For some people, it may even have been too salty, but I think the saltier the better when it comes to bringing the flavour of the caramel out fully.

Hotel Chocolat Roast + Conch

Kyle’s avocado dish looked fantastic. The eggs were cooked to perfection and the yolk oozed when he cut into them (always a good sign), the tomatoes were roasted until their skins were gently peeling, and the avocado was creamy and satisfying. The lime dressing elevated the dish from a standard vegetarian breakfast.

Hotel Chocolat Roast + Conch

It’s worth saying that the coffee was also top-notch, especially (as you might hope from a chocolate specialist) the chocolate coffee.

Hotel Chocolat Roast + Conch

Hotel Chocolat Roast + Conch may not be a cheap option for breakfast (the whole thing weighed in at around £15) but the food was really good quality and the atmosphere really chilled and somewhere you definitely want to stick around rather than down your coffee and go (Starbucks, we’re looking at you).

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