Recording your baby’s momentous moments: are Milestone cards the best option?

Charlotte and I were very keen to find a way to record important (at least in our eyes!) moments for our little girl. These could be moments we never expected to occur or they could be more traditional milestone moments such as reaching a week old, two weeks old, and so on, or smiling for the first time.

Having spent a long time searching for a means through which to record these more traditional moments, it appears that essentially there is just one company that has a monopoly on this market (perhaps leaving open a business opportunity for any plucky entrepreneurs). ‘Milestone Cards’ were pretty much the only product we could find on the market that looked suitable for recording milestones for little ones. Hopefully the photo below will give you a better idea of what I mean!

Milestone baby cards

Not quite a month!

Essentially these cards start from the milestone of the baby turning a week old to the baby talking, walking and celebrating their first birthday. There’s also the option to write on the cards when exactly an event happened.

Whilst the pictures on the cards are arguably a bit naff in some cases, they do help you keep up to date with the ever changing world of a newborn baby.

The cards are not that pricey (about £12) and I’ve just found out that you can buy Landmark Moments Baby Cards for about half the price. Essentially it is up to you to decide on taste and what is on offer at the time but we think these are a worthwhile product (whichever brand you go for) and would certainly be a lovely option for a baby shower gift.

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