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A homage to fromage: Hellfire cheddar

Hellfire is a cheese I hadn’t come across previously, but at the weekend when we ventured to George & Joseph in Chapel Allerton, it caught my eye.

The cheese is a cheddar mixed with ale and wholegrain mustard (the Yorkshire-made cheese takes its inspiration from a French cheese making process that mixes the mustard seeds with ale). In case you’re wondering, Hellfire is a Leeds ale and lends its name to this special yet accessible cheese.

Hellfire cheese

The creamy, tangy cheese in all its glory

Cheddar is one of my favourite cheese types, but some people can find it a little dull. This isn’t a claim that can be levelled at Hellfire, which introduces the tangy, spicy flavours of the ale and mustard to offset the creamy nature of the cheese.

The cheese is perfect eaten on its own or, as I did, on a cracker with some chutney. The look of the cheese is distinctive and tempting, and this would be a perfect addition to a cheeseboard. Hellfire would also be a good option for a cheese amateur, perhaps someone who has only ever eaten cheddar but wants to move on to some more adventurous flavours.

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