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Yorkshire butchers: Ilkley’s Lishman’s lives up to “foodie” paradise claims

Last weekend, with the onset of the heatwave in Leeds, we decided to fire up the BBQ on Saturday evening. Since we had some time to kill during the day, we thought we might venture somewhere new to source our BBQ meat. Upon a recommendation from a friend, we decided to head to Ilkley to Lishman’s, an award winning Yorkshire butcher founded over 25 years ago that excels in selling decent local produce.

Lishman’s in Ilkley brands itself as “one of Yorkshire’s great foodie destinations”, so it was with a sense of excitement that we made the short trip between Adel and Ilkley in the sunshine.

We were visiting Lishman’s at around lunchtime so, as well as our BBQ in the evening, our thoughts had also naturally turned to the prospect of perhaps picking up a sausage roll or something similar to nibble on the journey home.

As soon as we walked in, it became clear that we wouldn’t have to make do with a humble sausage roll for lunch! As you enter Lishman’s, you’re presented with a counter of pies, pasties, and other pastry-based goodies, as well as a sublime hot food counter, where you can pick up such lunchtime delights as chilli con carne with amazing-looking chips and hot sandwiches.

Lishman's in Ilkley

My eye was instantly caught by the Porchetta sandwich. For those of you who don’t know what Porchetta is, it’s a moist, boneless pork roast that derives from Italy. Smothered in garlic, herbs, and stuffing, and topped with beautiful crackling, a portion was expertly cut up (they are butchers after all!), stuffed into a floury white sub roll and topped with apple sauce.

It was, quite frankly, divine. I love a good sandwich and this was up there with the best I’ve ever had. The sandwich was so filling and satisfying, but I honestly could have eaten ten of them on the spot, such was the depth of flavour and variations in texture on offer (beautifully soft pork offset by the crunchy chopped up crackling). I’m not sure exactly what went into the stuffing they used at Lishman’s for this pork roast (it actually tasted a little bit like smoky pulled pork or maybe chilli con carne meat), but my God it was amazing.

Kyle went for a slightly more modest lunch in the form of a warm turkey and ham pie, which he loved, but in my opinion nothing was worthy of being able to rival my Porchetta sarnie!

As for the BBQ food, we were very impressed! The sausages – a mixture of their champion pork sausage (we understand they’ve won plenty of awards for these bangers) and some Yorkshire sausages that sounded too tempting to ignore – were meaty, succulent, and packed full of flavour. We regretted not having bought more, but were happy to be left with ample room for the kebabs and burger we’d decided to sample alongside our sausages.

Lishman's in Ilkley

The kebabs were fantastic. A mixture of lamb and pork, they were seasoned really nicely and cooked through well on our BBQ without burning. As for the burger, a Smithfield burger made from beef shoulder, it was herby, meaty, not at all fatty, and again cooked very well on the BBQ.

Lishman's in Ilkley

The sausages probably proved to be the highlight of the entire meal and we wouldn’t hesitate for a second in making the trip back over to Ilkley in future to stock up on Lishman’s sausages. It’s also worth pointing out that the food offered fantastic value for money. For the quality of the meat on offer, we were pleasantly surprised to find our BBQ meat haul coming in at around the £6 mark.

Lishman's in Ilkley

Lishman’s also had more interesting BBQ food for sale, including a variety of marinated chicken options and beef ribs marinated in a naughty-looking barbecue sauce. Next time, we might push the boat out and try a few more unusual options but to be honest I do like my BBQ food to be kept classic sometimes!

So, next time you’re in the mood for a BBQ and want to make sure your meat is the star of the show, head over to Ilkley and Lishman’s. You really won’t be disappointed!

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