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Where to eat breakfast in Harrogate: Where else but Weetons?

I love breakfast. It’s probably my favourite meal of the day. During the week we like to keep things simple at home by sharing an Aldi baguette baked in the oven, with some jam and butter and a couple of cups of coffee, but at the weekend we often treat ourselves to something special!

Weetons Harrogate

Just some of the excellent produce on offer

One of our favourite locations near Leeds for a special breakfast or brunch is Weetons in Harrogate. A gorgeous deli, butcher, shop, and café, Weetons has, over the last 12 months or so, expanded its focus on its wonderful café, which is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner/drinks in the evening.

Lunch and dinner are, by all accounts, great, but it’s breakfast where Weetons truly shines. You can either keep things simple by ordering a freshly baked pastry, or you can push the boat out and order a hot, freshly cooked option. Whatever you end up ordering, you’ll also want to order one of Weetons’ coffees because they are genuinely divine!

Weetons Harrogate

Nothing beats a nice cup of coffee

On our last visit, we took different approaches to our breakfasts. Kyle, unusually for him, opted for a slice of cake, whereas the full breakfast menu proved too tempting for me to ignore. It takes a lot for Kyle to order a slice of cake for breakfast, especially when there are sausage sandwiches to be had, but when he spotted a “skinny blueberry cake”, he couldn’t resist.

Weetons Harrogate

Cake for breakfast? Why not!

From the looks of things, there was really nothing skinny about the cake; the icing looked indulgent and creamy, the sponge moist and moreish, and the filling decadent. How Weetons managed to make the cake “skinny”, we can’t imagine, but hats off to them for managing to keep the guilt to a minimum! Needless to say that Kyle, a big fan of blueberries, loved the cake.

Meanwhile, we didn’t have to wait long before my breakfast choice arrived. I had opted for rosti (grated potato) with smoked salmon, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce. I said at the time of eating this that whoever thought up such a dish deserves a medal. The crispy, naughty texture of the rosti took on a whole new layer of loveliness when the perfectly cooked oozing poached eggs were cut into, and the smoked salmon tasted as fresh as you’d imagine. The homemade Hollandaise, meanwhile, tasted indulgent and tied the whole amazing dish together.

Weetons Harrogate

Rosti with smoked salmon

I can honestly say that this dish is one of my favourite breakfasts. I have eaten some fantastic breakfast dishes around the world, but something about this salmon and poached egg rosti makes it incredibly moreish and satisfying. Everything about it was cooked perfectly; you could almost taste the care and attention that had been put into the cooking. It may sound like I’m going over the top, but this really was a special breakfast!

A final word on the coffee: Weetons do a great coffee! I went for a mocha, which managed to combine the flavours of chocolate and smooth, rich coffee without being either too bitter or too sweet, and the little biscuit on the side was just the icing on the cake.

If you want a special breakfast at the weekend and are able to venture into Harrogate, get yourself down to Weetons. You really, really won’t regret it!

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