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Fabulous food news: Deliveroo hits Leeds!

The quality of takeout food in Leeds has been improving in recent times, but there has been a real gap in the market when it comes to genuinely high quality food for foodies to enjoy from the comfort of their own sofas.

Finally, it seems as though our foodie prayers have been answered, with some of the highest quality eateries in Leeds now available for those of us who don’t want to compromise on taste for convenience. The answer to our prayers comes in the form of Deliveroo, a company on a mission to “bring the world’s local restaurants into everyone’s home or office – fast”.

Although a fabulous Churrasco De Lomo from Gaucho might not exactly be a viable everyday option for foodies not able to make it out the front door, the fact that the option is there to get such a feast delivered to your doorstep is going to be a game changer for a fair few of us!

As well as this, Humpit, My Thai, and many other restaurants that previously required you to head into town to dine are now (thanks to Deliveroo) options that you can get delivered to your door for only £2.50 (which is actually a cheaper fee than that charged by many other delivery companies).

I for one cannot wait to sit down with some friends with a tasty order from Sushi Waka, and to indulge in some nice tasty True BBQ courtesy of Reds whilst watching Netflix!

So, if you fancy a more demure takeaway than the options that currently exist in Leeds, check out this new takeaway service that even lets you pay your tip at the time of ordering.

You can find out more about Deliveroo on their website FAQ page, or you can check out the positive feedback since they launched on their Twitter feed.

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