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York Gate Gardens in Adel: A perennial pleasure for the whole family

Leeds is a city full of treasures in a county that offers bountiful beauty. Even within this fantastic region, there are hidden treasures that stand out above other more popular areas and attractions and, for me, one of the best is York Gate Gardens.

Located just outside the city centre of Leeds in suburban Adel, York Gate Gardens in one of the most spectacular small gardens in the UK, let alone in Yorkshire. To top it off, it is run by a charity. You might be asking why we have chosen to write about a garden in a food, travel and parenting blog but I actually think it fits in with all three of our main topics!

Travel-wise, you just need to visit the gardens to see what all the fuss is about! Whilst £5 per person as an entry fee may seem steep to some, you would pay an awful lot more for an awful lot less at a fairly large amount of other tourist locations. It not only offers good value for money, in my opinion, but you can also enjoy a nice long visit if you want.

York Gate Gardens in Leeds

A friendly welcome in Adel!

This links strongly to parenting; you can sit back and enjoy the weather with the whole family as the kids walk around (or run around!), seeing a variety of exotic plants and exploring the magical gardens whilst fostering their interest in horticulture subtly from a young age. I personally can’t wait to take our future little lady, a good book, and a few quid for coffee and cake to York Gate Gardens to while away a sunny day later this year.

Food-wise, the first draw is that they have extensive herb gardens (see my tips here) and kitchen gardens, all of which should inspire locals to replicate the achievements on a smaller scale in their own gardens.

York Gate has also now opened a cafe where you can grab Yorkhire tea, coffee and a range of fabulous cakes! I personally went for a lovely filter coffee with an almond cake slice, while Charlotte had a nice rich brownie with a pot of tea! Whilst neither cake offerings are about to win the chef the next Great British Bake Off, they were both extremely tasty and very good value (at £4 total for the coffee and cake) and were fantastic to enjoy in such a peaceful location. We didn’t go outside but on a slightly warmer day (or in our case a less windy day!) you can have the pleasure of immersing yourself in the garden as you munch away on some tasty treats!

York Gate Gardens in Leeds

Brownie and almond slice in all their glory!

All in all, the lovely food on offer, the beautiful gardens, and the good value means that, in my opinion, York Gate Gardens provides an excellent day out for the whole family.

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