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Would you burrit it? Burgers beaten by burritos!

Regular readers will know how much I enjoy Mexican food (and in particular burritos) at places like Barburrito in Leeds as well as Wahaca in London, but it now seems that I am far from alone in this passion!

Despite desperate attempts by the likes of Burger King to bring themselves up to date and offer a “healthier” service, the ‘little donkey’ (or burrito as we know it!) has shown that as long as you are prepared to be brave, healthy, tasty food can still prosper in the UK fast food market.

The damning statistics for burger joints that conversely make for great reading for Mexican chains has emerged from a report by property advisory firm CBRE and data company Retail Locations. The report shows that burrito chains are doubling in number, whereas even ‘posh’ burger joints are struggling for any real sign of growth.

Whilst I don’t like knocking a decent burger (there is always a market for a nice burger in my opinion, especially in Leeds it would seem), it is undeniable that this trend shows that the wider public are increasingly prepared to challenge their own eating habits to try dishes and food that had previously only had a small loyal audience. I for one am happy to go out and celebrate this as ‘fast food’ is forced to change to reflect the fact that better quality food can triumph against convenience!

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