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Nachos: A treat from the USA that truly is close to my heart!

I have many weaknesses with food. I pretty much adore most food from the USA as my reviews of Cleaver and Red’s True BBQ will testify but I also believe that I have a true skill at cooking one thing from the USA: Nachos!

For Superbowl Sunday this year my wife Charlotte and I went out the whole hog and put our money where our mouths are and made what I would describe as the ultimate home made nachos.

It all starts with the key details. Get the tortilla chips right! We picked TorTyrrells Rather Hot English Chillies chips as we love a bit of spice. For those of you who like your nachos a little milder they also do some excellent nacho cheese options as well. Next of course you need to decide on your salsa. I know homemade is best but I also know that many people are a touch to lazy to make it so I can again Tracklements Smoked Chipotle Salsa as this is the one we used for ours and it was thick enough to add flavour and did not manage to make the tortilla chips moist and soggy which can be a really nasty surprise for many a Nacho fan.

The next stage I believe adds some real depth of flavour is the decision to add in refried beans. These are simply black beans mashed up a little after being cooked and I simply cannot stress how much they add to Nachos and can also confirm that many restaurant nachos do not come with this beauty so it’s a real added bonus of going homemade.

Homemade nachos

Getting the bean layer on…

Of course the key to all of this is making sure you are layering up nicely and making sure that you leave some room for your mozzarella cheese to coat the layers you are building. I like to put some jalapeños on every layer to avoid drying them out an adding in a spicy surprise to each layer but it is perfectly tasty to coat these on top of the cheese and with some olives (always black olives on nachos!) as well as bits of chicken if you feel indulgent.

Homemade nachos

Late prepping…

Once you have put this together, into the oven or grill your mountain goes and you simply need to wait between five and fifteen minutes (depending on how high a mountain you have built!) and get your beers out the fridge as well as the vital sour cream and guacamole dip that you can either top your freshly baked nachos with or leave on the side for some good time dipping.

Put simply the end result is a melting flavour bomb in your mouth that really just brings into perspective how much brilliance you can create in a really short amount of time. I love them, you mates and family will love them and best of all they are simply amazing for sharing!

Homemade nachos

Digging in with relish!

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