Totseat: The ultimate travel high chair solution

As a foodie family, we’re lucky enough to be able to eat out at loads of amazing restaurants with our little girl.

Since having her, though, we’ve been presented by a range of high chairs that, simply put, haven’t been ideal. They’ve either been inappropriate for her size and age, uncomfortable to sit in, easy to slip out of (especially as our little girl is quite small), or have left her at that nasty ‘bang forehead on table’ level that really doesn’t make for a happy dining experience!

There’s also been the challenge of visiting family and friends, not all of whom (understandably, of course) are able to provide a high chair. Add into the mix the fact that we have a few trips abroad next year already lined up, where high chair provision can’t be guaranteed, and you can see why the need for a sensible, practical solution is there!

Thankfully, we’ve found just that solution: the Totseat. Retailing at £22 (or pay an extra £3 for the super-cute Paddington Bear design!), fitting easily into a changing bag, and taking less than a minute to assemble on a regular chair, Totseat has genuinely revolutionised the way we eat out with our little girl, and we’ve only been using it for a fortnight after kindly being sent the product to review by the lovely folk at the company.

Rather than read my ramblings about how easy it is to use, you can listen to my ramblings instead in the video below!

So, as you can see, it’s extremely user-friendly and really doesn’t take much time at all to assemble.

In terms of practicality, it’s probably best to just give you a rundown of where and how I’ve used it in the past seven days:

  • At a friend’s house for lunch. She has a high chair but it’s for her little boy, so I took my Totseat with me and my little girl had a lovely time sitting in that eating a yummy omelette
  • During an (exceptional – more on that in another blog post!) cake trip to a cafe in Whitby. Funnily enough, we found out that this cafe actually uses Totseats as their high chair equivalent! We had a good chat with the owner about the benefits of using the Totseats – quite a coincidence but there you go!
  • At a cute little pie and mash shop in Whitby for dinner. The Totseat was so comfortable that our little girl could sit there very happily piling mash and gravy into her mouth for half an hour..!


Here’s more ‘need to know’ info about this fantastic product:

  • Can be used on most chairs, regardless of style
  • The chair should be placed on solid ground
  • Best for babies between about six months and 30 months
  • Easy to wash – an essential plus point for any baby product!
  • Purchases come with a lifetime guarantee if bought directly from Totseat
  • Comes in a range of funky patterns and cute designs
  • Could easily be used as a permanent alternative to buying a high chair as your baby seating option at home – especially if space is a concern around your dinner table or kitchen table

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