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Become a Pork Lover: Why Pork Deserves A Place On Your Menu This Autumn

If you’ve been to Leeds Briggate recently, you will have seen a rather spectacular Pork Lovers coach sat in the middle of the street giving info and pretty scrumptious samples of one of the most underrated meat products on the market: pork.
We’ve always been fans of bacon (although we tend to prefer the lean varieties of back bacon) and of course we love a good banger. However, when it comes to the world of pork, we’ve been quite ‘British’ in our reluctance to try pork in different ways as a healthy and hearty meal, something that the Pork Lovers tour is trying to change.

Indeed, for anyone who has a bad image in their mind of pork from a greasy roast dinner that they only remember for the overly fatty elements, the chance to try beautifully cooked pork loin which has limited fat that is very easy to remove was refreshing when we popped into the Pork Lovers coach. Our little girl (two-years-old) was a big fan too, even though she hasn’t always loved pork when it’s not in sausage or minced format.


With pork highly nutritious and offering a good source of zinc, Vitamins B1, B3 and B12, and also being high in protein, pork really can be part of a balanced, healthy diet, and let’s be honest, it offers a change from chicken!

If you’re looking for inspiration for trying some truly lovely pork dishes, then we suggest buying (or making) some Japanese curry sauce and enjoying it with some pork loin and carrots, or perhaps try one of our favourite quick cook dishes,paprika pork which is not only easy to make but is a great dish for the whole family!

As a final point, we’d suggest making sure you buy the best quality pork you can find, as not only will it taste better but it will also have been farmed properly, meaning that you can eat it knowing that it is only full of good things. As with any food, the fewer miles it travels, the better, so if you can make sure it’s European or British pork all the better!

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  1. I used to cook pork at least once a week, but then my kids got fed up of it saying it was boring. Think some new ideas have been found.

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  2. The World Health Organisation regard pork as a Class One carcinogen. Why are you promoting something as bad as cigarettes? Shame on you.

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    • Lean pork has lots of health benefits that are noted in our post and found the Pork Lovers coach to be informative and educational. Making healthy eating choices is about getting more information to make better choices and we support the coach tour in doing this.


      • Yeah no less benefits that you could easily get from eating other fresh fruits and veggies/plant based foods. But don’t forget the massive outweigh of negatives to pork that easily overcome the ‘positive’

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      • That doesn’t address the point. Smoking has health benefits, that doesn’t make smoking healthy or it a good idea to smoke. Neither can you list nutrients present in a food to claim it can be part of a healthy diet. This would be like drinking Coke for its potassium. These “health benefits” are easily obtained from other sources. Poor reasoning.

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      • I don’t see the pigs giving consent to this particular “food choice”. Surely a food choice should not be to the detriment of others

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    • We believe that it’s the right for people to choose what they eat and this coach was around informing people about how to eat meat as part of a balanced diet, something that lean pork contributes to. We support the right of people to enjoy all diets, including vegan, vegetarian and many others.


  3. We need to stop promoting animals flesh as fine food. Especially when many studies have shown strong, unarguable links to cancers and other diseases. Even WHO has listed bacon as a carcinogenic in the same category as tabacco. It causes cancer.
    Animal agriculture also causes massive impacts on the environment which again have been proved by many studies.
    And not to mention the horrific treatment pigs go through to end up murdered in a slaughthouse.
    Why would we cause so much destruction and torture for something as selfish as our taste buds!
    Please reconsider promoting pig flesh and look into amazing plant based foods instead.

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  4. no thanks, I’d much rather keep eating fruit, vegetables, nuts and other delicious foods rather than give myself cancer by consuming animal products…

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  5. no thanks, I’d much rather keep eating fruit, vegetables, nuts and other delicious foods rather than give myself cancer by consuming animal products…

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  6. Food for thought, don’t kill animals and they won’t kill you!
    If dogs were treated the same as pigs there would be Uproar but pigs are more intelligent than dogs.
    Oh and b12 is injected in to the pig it’s not naturally in the pig!

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  7. Keep animals off your plate! Go vegan! Bacon and other processed meats a labelled as a grade 1 carcinogenic by Cancer UK! Surely you cannot promote salami??? How can you say this this a “healthy diet” I think you’re misleading the public!

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  8. I’ve been lucky enough to rehome a pig at my house for a year before a permanent place in a sanctuary was found for him. Leo the pig became part of the family in know time at all, how people can fetishise dogs and cats yet pay for suffering and death of farm animals is beyond me. If you are reading this please go vegan today, you won’t regret it 🙂

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  9. Pigs are the most intelligent domesticated animals and they are abused and killed for this. NOT IMPRESSED. People that eat pig flesh promote cruelty and suffering. Nothing you can do to change that, just acknowledge that the blood of 100,000,000+ pigs each year that are slaughtered is on your hands.

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  10. Pork is the most widely eaten meat in the world accounting for over 36% of the worlds meat intake. This campaign is so unnecessary, unethical and incorrect – the ‘health benefits’ stated are completely outweighed by the health detriments. Look into gaining your vitamins and minerals from a more natural and nutritional plant based diet.

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  11. Completely desperate attempt by the meat industry to rescue itself from inevitable failure. Pigs are wonderful animals, just as sociable and enchanting as your dog or cat.

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