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Bunnymans gear up to hit Trinity Leeds this autumn

We’ve raved before about Trinity Kitchen, but this autumn, we’re especially excited about what’s going to be hitting the kitchen for us Leeds foodies to indulge in as the nights get darker and the weather gets colder.

From next week, the ‘best festival food’ in the UK (that’s a genuine quote from an actual magazine!) will be hitting Leeds, and we can’t WAIT to try it. Here’s the lowdown on Bunnymans.


Bunnymans was founded by Steve, a firefighter, and Kath, his ‘better half/boss/chef’! Together with their South African neighbour Roger, they have been introducing the nation to the Durban masterpiece: Bunnychow (a fascinating dish that is said to have started its journey in South Africa with Indian migrant workers who were excluded from shops and cafes and so opted for more casual fare that they could eat on the move revolving around a crusty loaf filled with Roti and beans and various other fillings).

After earning their keep at various festivals across the UK, they’ve chosen Leeds as the next location on their quest for world domination. They’re keeping their menu simple, which is always good, offering the following items that make us salivate just typing it all out:

A hollowed out, crusty local roll filled with delicious homemade, local steak mince or Vegan chilli. Topped with garlic bread (vegan) and either soured cream or houmous and served with a 100% compostable wooden fork…

Gluten free Nachos loaded with their same awesome chilli choices … Hot as Hell, Heatless Wonder & Vegan Delight.
They have been hard at work building a South African shanti town-style kitchen including a “COMMENTS WALL” where customers can write comments using the permanent pens hanging from the fence behind. By the looks of things, they’ll fit right in amongst the other bright, vivid stalls at Trinity Kitchen.


This all sounds amazing, and we’ll be bringing you a full review in a couple of weeks, but in case you needed to ramp the excitement up one more teeny tiny level, they will be serving their own chocolate vodka too! Chilli and chocolate: could it get any better?

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