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Trinity Kitchen latest line-up for 2017: Does reality of Bunnymans’ Bunnychow live up to the hype?

We brought you a preview a couple of weeks ago ahead of Bunnymans setting up residency in Trinity Kitchen and last night, we headed down there for ourselves to see if the reality of Bunnymans’ Bunnychow (if you don’t know what that means, check our lowdown out here) lives up to the hype.

If you want the good news, the answer is that it very much does! The organisers behind Trinity Kitchen actually invited Bunnymans to appear in their latest line-up, and they must be hugely happy that Bunnymans said yes. The stall fits into the bright and vibrant set-up of Trinity Kitchen seamlessly, and it actually looks like it’s been here many times before; there’s nothing novice about the set-up at all.


As for the food, the undoubted highlight is the Bunnymans meat chilli, served in a crusty, hollowed out bread roll. We had ours topped with sour cream and it was like eating a warm, autumnal hug in beautiful food form! I was worried about making a mess eating it, but actually the roll took the place of a plate perfectly and it was pretty easy, and satisfying, to devour.


The combination of sour cream, warming chilli, and a high-quality bread roll was a serious treat (and a filling one at that). We also tried some of their vegan chilli over nachos. Vegan chilli has been a serious hit since Bunnymans set up shop in Trinity; they’ve been selling out of the stuff.


Also a fan of Bunnymans was our two-year-old. The lovely folk at Bunnymans were kind enough to put together a bowl of chilli with some bread, hummus, and nachos for her, and she wolfed it all down.

We really hope that Bunnymans experience the same level of success during their stint in Trinity Kitchen that they have been seeing on the festival circuit around the UK – there is no doubt they deserve it.

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