Giveaway: Wonderbly launch two new titles for little bookworms

We have always been big fans of the Lost My Name books (if you want to know more about Lost My Name, take a quick peek here). Our little girl loves us reading her Lost My Name story to her, the book following the story of a little girl trying to recover her lost name, meeting all sorts of magical creatures along the way.

This summer, the folk behind Lost My Name have brought their portfolio bang up to date with two new releases: Kingdom of You and The Birthday Thief. The former is a story built around a child’s favourite things. There are plenty of personalisation options so you can tailor the book to be hugely relevant to your little one and they things they cherish. As such, our little one meets a host of animals in her imaginary world, and has to go to battle against an ice cream monster!

This book builds nicely on the Lost My Name book and the concept behind it as it mentions your little one’s name on every page, putting them and their identity firmly at the centre of everything going on (our little one loved being named as the Queen of her imaginary land and looked pretty smug throughout the tale as it was read aloud to her!).

The Birthday Thief, meanwhile, follows a little one as they follow a mysterious trail to find their birthday, which has been stolen, much in the same way as Lost My Name. This was great for our little one as she was just about old enough this year (turning two years old) to really understand birthdays, and to love all of the attention (and the cake!) that goes with them.

The lovely people behind the books at Wonderbly have lots of exciting plans in store as well for the near future, including the launch of The Littlest Bear, their first book to feature the whole family. Watch this space for more news from Wonderbly. To win your own copy of The Birthday Thief, head to our Twitter page now!

Terms and conditions: Winner must be able to provide their email address and postal address. Prize cannot be substituted for a cash alternative. Winner will be chosen at random from entries received.


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