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How easy is it to set up a Pop Up Restaurant?

Pop up restaurants, and the street food scene in general, is a hot (scorching hot, in fact) topic in Leeds right now. We have the pop up restaurants we’ve come to know and love in Trinity Kitchen, pop ups that appeal to kids and adults like the Pop Up and Play Cafe that took place at Leeds Dock during the Leeds Indie Food Festival, and far more besides.

However, when it comes to logistics, what are the most important factors when it comes to setting up a pop up cafe or restaurant?

As you might have expected, it isn’t as simple as cooking a big batch of chilli and serving it from the boot of your car to hungry passers-by! There are things like advertising, accounts, and insurance to take into account, many of which are covered by this foodie infographic from Alexander & Co.


It’s great for Leeds that so many local businesses have managed to negotiate the potentially tricky challenges that come with setting up this sort of venture. Long may it last!

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