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Ripley Ice Cream: ‘World Famous’ for a reason

Ripley is a must-visit village in North Yorkshire, just outside Harrogate. There are several reasons for this. Firstly: Ripley Castle. We got married there but that’s not the only reason we think it’s a beautiful and special place. It’s fantastic for a nice walk on a sunny day and has a gorgeous walled garden and grounds.

Secondly, The Boar’s Head (check out our review of this stunning hotel and bar situated just outside the castle entrance).

Thirdly, and arguably just as important as the first two reasons, Ripley is world famous for its ice cream. The World Famous Ripley Ice Cream store on the main road through the village can usually be located thanks to the queue snaking outside the entrance.


The ice cream here is soft, creamy, and very indulgent (think Mr Whippy-esque but about 10,000 times nicer and without the slightly artificial flavour you can get from the ice cream van sometimes).

Once you’ve picked your flavour (we tend to stick with creamy vanilla but they do other flavours like toffee), it’s time to get creative. You can choose to get your ice cream dipped in hot dark chocolate, which turns into a solid shell that you can crack as you bite into the ice cream, or you could opt for a sprinkling of nuts. Perhaps a fudge stick or a flake is more your thing. Whatever you go for, you’re in for a treat!


So, next time you’re near this North Yorkshire village and you have room for a sweet treat, don’t think twice about stopping off for a cheeky ice cream – it’s so worth the queue!

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  1. I miss Ripley icecream!! I live too far away now, but next time I’m oooop north, I will most certainly be visiting again


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