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Celebrating National Cheese Lovers Day 2016

Did you know today is National Cheese Lovers Day?! No? Well, now you’ve found out there’s no excuse not to raid the fridge for a little late night cheesy snack.

If, like us, you love cheese, you’ll undoubtedly already have your favourites. We thought we’d pull together some of our favourite cheesy encounters from 2015 on the blog:

  • A full review of Homage2Fromage Cheese Cafe in the city centre – we were fortunate enough to indulge our cheese fantasies here on a couple of occasions and in this post give a detailed rundown of some of our favourite dishes.
  • Christmas cheese recommendations from Andy Swinscoe – obviously you’re a bit late to the party here for 2015 but Andy’s recommendations apply to any special occasion.
  • Like your cheese in the form of a cheesecake? Try this baked cheesecake recipe from Mary Berry – you won’t regret it!
  • Harrogate Blue is one of the most widely loved cheeses in the region and you can understand why just from a tiny taste.
  • And finally in our mini cheese round-up, a very special cheese. We love cheese from the Snowdonia cheese company and Black Bomber in particular. If you’ve never tried it before, make 2016 the year you track some Snowdonia cheese down.

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