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A homage to fromage: Snowdonia Black Bomber

Nutty, rich and exceedingly smooth. If you, like me, love cheese, and in particular these three cheese characteristics, you need to get yourself a slice (or a wedge!) of a truly exceptional British cheese: Snowdonia Black Bomber.

The Black Bomber cheese is by rights only an extra mature cheddar, but the depth of flavour and versatility that it displays makes this one of the nicest cheeses that I have had the pleasure to eat. I have enjoyed it on its own, with a cracker and some chili jam, melted as part of some indulgent cheese on toast, and all of these cheesy experiences have highlighted to me why Britain is starting to overtake France as the centre of the cheese world!

Snowdonia Black Bomber

The cheese in all its glory

Having already won coveted awards at the World Cheese awards, this creamy, nutty cheese also has one other hugely redeeming quality in our household at the moment: it is fine to eat if you are pregnant! The cheese is pasteurised and is of course a hard cheese anyway, so can be enjoyed throughout pregnancy without any concerns.

Snowdonia Black Bomber

Wonderful with crackers!

Snowdonia Black Bomber is becoming more widely available. I have seen it on sale at the likes of Weetons in Harrogate, Cranberries in Adel, and the fabulous Cheeseboard in Harrogate. So, there really are ample opportunities available for Yorkshire foodies to get stuck into this wonderful British cheese. If you’ve already tried this fine cheese, let me know what you think – does it really rank as one of the best cheeses about at the moment?

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  1. This cheese is divine. Far tastier than the vintage mature cheddar I bought in Cheddar itself. A glass of red, Black bomber, your favourite crackers and Tracklements chilli jam. Wonderful rich flavour a long after taste. Can’t beat it


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