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A homage to fromage: Harrogate blue

Looking a touch scary in colour, it might be easy to be put off a relatively recent cheese from Shepherd’s Purse Dairy: Harrogate blue. Once you have bitten into it, though, you might find that this unusual blue cheese has not only taught you not to judge food solely on its appearance but to remember that taste is King!

A very soft blue cheese, with no crumbly texture to be found, this is a cheese that is far more suited to being almost spread onto some crackers or enjoyed on its own. This is certainly a cheese that does not need a chutney with it. Offering a limited amount of salt to taste, and instead offering predominantly peppery and creamy flavours, this cheese certainly holds its own in taste without being overpowering!

Harrogate Blue cheese

Ignore the colour, enjoy the taste!

While I am not always a fan of blue cheese, this cheese offers enough to bring even people who are normally put off by harder blue cheese the chance to indulge in a nice soft texture. For this reason alone (well, maybe also the fact that the cheese is from Yorkshire!) I would certainly put it out there on a cheeseboard as an option to tempt in friends or family who haven’t previously had a love of blue cheese but do want to try it.

Oh, and for the record, the strange orange colour comes from annatto, so it won’t leave you wondering what strange preservatives have been thrown into the mix!

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