Baby product review: Oball Rattle

In the world of sensory toys for your little ones (and I mean really little ones who are under 6 months old) there are many, many options to go for. For this reason, we like to head over to Wiggles in Idle so that our little lady gets the opportunity to try out a range of them. This way, we know what suits her without spending a fortune on thousands of toys she may or may not like!

Despite this, there are some that are worth getting because they seem to have something about them that makes them versatile enough to last a while and keep your little one interested. For us, the Oball Rattle is one of these toys.

Officially suitable from birth, but particularly useful for our little lady between 3 and 5 months (though we think this is likely to continue), the rattle is perfect for babies as they start to learn how to grasp.

Our little girl enjoys the fact that we can rattle it for her to get her interested and then she can grasp the ball easily enough in a range of ways. We have seen through doing this that she has improved her ability to focus on one item and her grasping skills are constantly improving.


In terms of teething, our little lady loves chomping on things (including her own fist when possible!) but the Oball Rattle allows her to have a bite whilst continuing to develop (she has to continue to grasp the rattle in order to keep chewing it)!

The plastic seems durable and is also not a dirt magnet like some toys seem to be!

As with everything, there are cons. The circular shape, while great for helping the baby explore shape and different angles to grasp, means that when it gets thrown or dropped it can roll a fair distance away. Cat owners should also be aware that the toy has an appeal for our four legged friends (our Bengals have to be warned away from it!).

With these negatives being fairly trivial, all in all this has been one of the best toys our little lady has enjoyed so far. We were lucky enough to be given the rattle by a family member and it is ideal as a gift if you are looking for something for someone who has just had a little one.

Cost-wise, you can get one from Amazon for £4.99 in either green, orange, pink or blue and a range of other high street shops sell them for a similar price.

We don’t tend to give marks out of five on this site, but if we did this would be a 5* product for us!

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