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Chef Ian Swainson leaves The Samling looking for a new head chef

It’s no secret that we’re huge fans of The Samling and have loved every bite of the food that we have tried from chef Ian Swainson (consisting of an excellent afternoon tea and the Art of Style menu at Harvey Nichols).

Now, with Swainson moving on from the Lake District hotel, we’re intrigued about the next move from him and from The Samling.

Ian is now looking to set up a new venture in Brighton (more details when we have them about this) and we’re certain that he is going to do something exciting and up to date. We will certainly keep an eye on this new venture!

Closer to home, The Samling will now be looking for someone to take on the Michelin Star mantle that Ian had established. Could a new chef push the restaurant, in the heart of the Lakes, to a second star?

With both parties looking ahead to uncertain but exciting futures, this should be an interesting space for foodies to watch!

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