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Where to eat in Trinity Leeds: Choose Pho for Vietnamese street food fun

Trinity Leeds has its fans and its critics; although arguably sucking the life out of other parts of the Leeds shopping district, the development has done great things in terms of attracting visitors to the region and has provided a new hub for retail in the day and dining/boozing in the evening.

The chain restaurants on the top floor of Trinity are always popular, especially on a Friday or Saturday evening, but if you’re thinking of where to eat in Trinity Leeds, in my opinion you can’t beat heading to Trinity Kitchen.

Trinity Kitchen offers a unique mix of vibrant restaurants and temporary street food vans in a relaxed communal dining atmosphere. This week we headed to Trinity Kitchen before going to the ballet at Leeds Grand and we sampled the delights of Pho.

Pho was London’s first Vietnamese street food restaurant and the branch in Leeds is the first one to open in the north.

Pho in Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

Pho in Trinity Kitchen

Vietnamese food in Leeds isn’t exactly a widespread phenomenon, so Pho represents a nice introduction to the country’s cuisine for those who may not have sampled it before.

The menu is divided into different sections, with helpful descriptions next to each dish. I went for Chả giò (pork spring rolls) to start with and Phở chin (tender brisket slow cooked in stock with flat noodles) as my main course.

The spring rolls were gorgeous. Packed full of pork and vegetables with a delightfully crispy exterior, they were complemented perfectly by a subtle dipping sauce.

The beef in the Phở chin was tender, plentiful, and packed with flavour. The noodles were filling and the soup comforting. One of the nice things about Pho is that they have a tray full of different sauces that you can take to your table, so I made the most of this, adding soy sauce and spicy chili sauce to my noodles.

Pho in Trinity Kitchen, Leeds

Vietnamese feast!

The ingredients are fresh, healthy, and everything is cooked fresh to order. After ordering, you’re given a buzzer so you can go and find a table before going back to the kitchen to collect your food, piping hot and smelling delicious once it’s ready.

For far less than the price of a main dish at one of the chain restaurants in Trinity, I enjoyed this delicious starter and main course that left me satisfied and with a big smile on my face.

If you’re shopping in Trinity Leeds and need somewhere to eat, try Pho in Trinity Kitchen for a spicy treat; you won’t be disappointed!

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