Cooking Experiences

Why sometimes you can’t beat a fish finger sandwich!

We love gourmet food. We love eating out at posh restaurants and we love spending hours trying to recreate masterpieces from the pages of famous cookery books.

Sometimes, though, like tonight when we’re sitting watching TV in our pyjamas (!) recovering from a big lunch out at Denbies in Dorking, only one dish hits the spot: fish finger sandwiches.

They have to be done properly; the fish fingers grilled to perfection before being layered across two thick slices of white bread already smothered with butter and a massive dollop of mayo.

Fish finger sandwich

Butter then mayo…

The bread ideally needs to go a bit soggy under the weight of the butter and mayo and the heat of the fish fingers.

Fish finger sandwich

Layering the fish fingers carefully

Don’t bring ketchup near me when we’re discussing fish finger sandwiches.

You need to eat your fish finger sandwich on the sofa, ideally in your pyjamas, with your fingers, over a plate to catch the drips of mayo, which you should lick shamelessly off the plate after finishing the main event.

Fish finger sandwich

The sarnie in all its glory

For Saturday night comfort food that is quick and cheap, in my opinion you can’t beat a fish finger sandwich…unless you’re talking two fish finger sandwiches!

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