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Trinity Kitchen: Is latest line-up hit or miss?

Trinity Kitchen’s latest line-up features an eclectic array of vendors, including some old favourites in the form of Mr D’s Magnificent Pie Machine and Meli Patisserie, who do some of the best sugary treats you’ll find in the city centre at the moment.

We sampled two of the stalls last time we were there. We were visiting in the evening, so gave Gilli’s Gin Tin a miss (they, by all accounts, serve mouthwatering afternoon teas with a gin theme). Instead, we headed to Trough Foods, who serve Yorkshire meats from their converted horse trailer, and Slap and Pickle, who serve burgers and hot dogs alongside a wide range of homemade pickles and relishes.

Trough Foods served us their signature dish, pulled pork, but we were a little letdown. The pork was a touch dry and slightly lacking in flavour. Perhaps we hit it at the wrong time of day, but we’ve achieved better in our oven at home and we would never profess to be pulled meat experts!


Slap and Pickle fared better, although their hot dog offerings outshone their fries by a country mile. The foot-long hot dog was great with fried onions and some of the sauces (bacon mayo anyone?) that are scattered across their counter. A shout-out as well to the owners of Slap and Pickle, who are possibly the friendliest we’ve ever encountered in Trinity Kitchen.

Not a classic line-up by any means for Trinity Kitchen, but we look forward to what the next few months will bring to one of our favourite foodie spots in Leeds!

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