Cooking Experiences

Is the Stellar Rocktanium collection really rock hard and reliable?

Hot on the heels of the successful Stellar Rocktanium Frying Pan collection, comes a brand new collection of quality non-stick saucepans in a range of essential sizes. We’ve been lucky enough to road-test the new collection, to see if its rock hard, revolutionary titanium-based non stick formula really cuts the mustard in the family kitchen.


First things first, the pans look amazing. They boast a distinctive stone appearance that screams quality and endurance, but do they back this up with performance? Well, perhaps we’ll start with the least exciting aspect of the road-test. Unlike many pan sets, these are actually incredibly easy to clean, meaning that once the hard work has been done cooking dinner, you’re not left with an equally arduous task afterwards. In terms of practicality when using, the pans retain excellent heat, and the non-stick element really does what it says on the tin (or the box!).


The pans also feel well-made and the metallic handles lend them a good weight and provide you with more confidence in their durability, compared to those that rely upon rubber or plastic.


For a set of pans, these are very good quality. You could spend far more on a set of own brand, big name pans, and find yourself with a far inferior quality product. We’d really recommend the Rocktanium range if you’re looking to invest in your cooking range in 2018 and it’s nice to see a product that should appeal just as much to novice cooks as to experienced foodies.

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