Win the helmet battle this new year thanks to Coolcasc

If you’ve bought your little one a bike or a scooter for Christmas but you’re now facing a struggle to persuade them to use it with a helmet, then fear not: a solution is upon us! We haven’t experienced this problem yet; our little girl is only two and a half and really isn’t bothered about wearing a helmet if it means she can get out and about on two (or three) wheels, but for older kids, it can be an issue.

Thankfully, the brains behind Coolcasc have designed some quirky, cool (the clue’s in the name) helmet covers, that completely cover the look of the original helmet and transform it into something that appeals to little ones.

Our little girl is a penguin fan, so naturally we opted for the penguin helmet cover for her. The material stretches quickly and easily over her helmet, and the cover can be either taken off or left on when it’s not in use. The animal range from Coolcasc also boasts bears, elephants, rabbits, frogs, rhinos, ducks, fish and more. They also offer covers away from the animal theme in bright colours and funky designs. There really is something to suit all tastes, even if your little one is unique in terms of their tastes!

The helmet covers aren’t cheap, coming in at around the early £20s, but if they can dilute the battle between parent and kid when it comes to wearing a helmet, it’s worth it!

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