Bogs B-Moc footwear: Keeping tiny toes warm and dry

Our little girl has an odd fascination with her wellington boots, which came from Mothercare. They’re nothing special but she absolutely adores them. It takes a lot to persuade her to wear something else on her feet, but this winter, one brand has succeeded where others have failed. That brand is Bogs.

We’ve been road-testing the Bogs B-Moc, a warm, featherlight boot that is completely waterproof and keeps little toes warm down to minus 30! The winter days in Leeds may get cold, but not that cold!

The best thing about the B-Moc is the way in which it combines comfort and practicality. From feeling the boots, you wouldn’t think they come so packed with features; they are extremely lightweight and it’s hard to imagine how such a light boot can be so resilient and thoroughly waterproof, as well as able to provide so much insulation for tiny toes.

These Bogs also move sweat away from the foot in order to keep feet ever drier, so little ones can avoid that unpleasant clammy feeling you can get with cheaper wellies.

We have road-tested our Bogs in the Leeds snow, in the rain, and just in the biting cold air, and they haven’t yet failed us. They also come with an adjustable drawstring so you can put them on and take them off your little one with minimal fuss.

Bogs are not the cheapest winter and autumn footwear option for kids, but they are one of the most reliable. You’re paying for a boot packed full of technology and research, and it’s worth it when your little one can spend an afternoon splashing in puddles without getting even the slightest bit damp.

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