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Short haul flights from Leeds Bradford Airport: How do Ryanair measure up?

Let’s face it, if you’re flying Ryanair at the moment, it’s going to be because of the price, so this review isn’t looking at them in the same way as we would judge the likes of Emirates, Virgin Atlantic or BA as Ryanair don’t claim to offer ‘frills’ (in fact at one point staff were encouraged to steal pens from hotels to avoid more ‘frills’ in the company’s budget). Ryanair do, however, fly from Leeds Bradford and they are an airline many people consider using from up north.

Perhaps the most important thing to mention is that if you have an aversion to garish yellow and dark blue you are going to find the design of the aircraft a bit ‘in your face’ but then again their lovely policy of splitting up families when you don’t pay for your seating (something that we were asked to comment on by the Telegraph) is probably symptomatic of the fact that as an airline, once you have paid for your tickets, you’re going to be fleeced for raffle tickets, food, where you sit and of course baggage.

In terms of the actual experience of flying, the staff are perfectly pleasant and helpful, the food and drink on board is decent (despite, like all airline food, being overpriced) and the chances are you will arrive at your destination on time. Despite all this, the fact that you don’t even have those helpful nets in front of your seat to hold your books, phones etc (apparently to save weight) does make the whole experience even more uncomfortable physically, especially for families.

With all this in mind, if you are going to be looking to save money and find that they fly at the right time for you and to the right destination, there is no great downside in choosing Ryanair but compared to the likes of Aurigny, Flybe, and even Jet2, they aren’t really offering the same quality of service from Leeds Bradford airport.

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