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Making cookies the easy way with OXO Good Grips Non-stick Pro Baking Sheet

Here at Leeds Foodie, we have had the chance to review several OXO Good Grips products in the past, and have found them to be very good. When we were given the chance to try out their non-stick pro baking sheet, we thought this might just be an OXO product that fails to deliver, as we have so often found baking sheets and trays that promise to be non-stick, but then, predictably, stick horribly!

How wrong we were. We decided to road-test the sheet by baking some cookies, making the dough and baking the cookies on a fully ungreased surface (the sheet), without any greaseproof paper, or anything else to help create a non-stick surface.

Making the cookies was fun with our little girl, but more impressively, the baking tray (which is an excellent size for accommodating a big batch of cookies and has a helpful ridge for getting in and out of the oven) held up its end of the deal in style. All of the cookies slid off the tray after they were baked, without any level of sticking. We thought this might have been beginners’ luck, and after having washed and cleaned the product we tried it again with another batch of cookies, and had precisely the same enjoyable experience. We also had an impressively even bake on the cookies due to the even heat distribution across the surface.

If you’re an amateur baker who cooks often enough to justify spending £25 on a baking sheet, we can’t recommend this product enough, and will certainly look forward to enjoying it many more times in the future.

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