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Two new foodie openings in Leeds we can’t wait to try in October

Mid-2017 has been a busy old time for new openings on the foodie scene in Leeds, and October/November is proving to be no different. Here are two new openings (neither of which is actually a new opening, one’s a pop-up and one’s a revamp, but still, let’s go with that!) that we can’t wait to try out this autumn.

Holy Mountain

You may well have been lucky enough to have tried the foodie delights of Holy Mountain before in Leeds. In case you’ve never heard of them, though, this Mexican pop-up does tacos the right way. Old El Paso this is not.

Holy Mountain are heading to Chida Bar & Cantina on Cross Belgrave Street for three months only, so if flavour explosions in tiny parcels of joy are your thing, check them out (they also do, by all accounts, wicked chicken wings).

The Brewery Tap

A huge name on the Leeds drinking scene, The Brewery Tap has had a serious revamp for the end of 2017. There’s a new menu, a brand new exterior, and new booze offerings to keep regulars happy whilst aiming to pull in new fans from the steady stream of people heading to and from the station.

You have to do a lot right to pull food and drink fans away from the always divine Friends of Ham just down the road, so it’ll be interesting to see how they get on in this respect.

We’re hoping to head down soon to take a closer look, and will be bringing you all the details here as soon as we have them!

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