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Love Cocoa: Bringing the ethics (and taste) back to the Cadbury family

When you think of the Cadbury name in the chocolate world, you tend to associate it with the chocolate bars you pick up at the supermarket. Cadbury was taken over by Kraft a few years ago, and we’ve since had a fair bit of fuss about creme eggs using different chocolate, factories closing, and so on.


Love Cocoa is run by the great-great-great grandson of John Cadbury, who set the chocolate company up in the 1800s. James Cadbury is trying to take chocolate back to the days when Cadbury did things the right way; creating a tasty but ethical brand to be proud of again.

While it is certainly lovely to see a company take ethics seriously, for any real foodie and chocolate lover, it’s the quality of the product that counts if you’re going to invest time and money in a brand new chocolate brand. Love Cocoa is largely an online business, so they need to be doing something a bit special to grab consumers’ attention.

Love Cocoa sent us some samples to try out, including honeycomb and honey milk chocolate, early grey milk chocolate, and Maldon sea salt dark chocolate. First of all, the packaging is really attractive; this would make a good gift for the chocolate lover in your life. It certainly looks different to your average chocolate bar.


Taste-wise, the highlight for us was the sea salt bar, which struck the right balance between salt flakes drawing out the cocoa flavour and the sweetness of the chocolate offsetting the potential bitterness of the dark chocolate.

While we also really enjoyed the honeycomb and were left intruiged by the earl grey chocolate, it was the sea salt bar that massively stood out.

We loved having the chance to try Love Cocoa’s products and would really recommend heading to the online store to purchase some of these delectable goodies. If you’re in London, you could also head to Fortnum and Mason’s, who stock the product and provide a good indicator of the quality of chocolate we’re talking about here!

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