Reviewed: The Ella James woodland fox print wigwam


If you’re looking to introduce a new look to your little one’s bedroom, or you want to treat them to something new to inject some magic and imagination into their lives, look no further than the Ella James woodland fox print wigwam (especially if, like our little girl, your child loves animals).

This beautiful woodland animal print wigwam is one of those rare child-focused accessories that as adults you’re happy to have on public display in your house! The pattern is really gorgeous and eye-catching in all the right ways. There is nothing garish at all about this item!

The wigwam is suitable for outdoor use or indoor use. So far, we’ve used it indoors with our little girl, in our living room and in her bedroom, and she loves taking her teddy bears and cuddly toys in, closing the cloth door to “hide” with them and then peeking through the “window” at us.

The wigwam has an integral floor mat and four flags in matching fabric that can slot onto the wooden poles to add an extra dimension to this product.

This beautiful product is suitable from 3 years up to around age 10, but our little girl is under 2 and has really loved using it (under adult supervision). The best thing about this product aside from its look and versatility is the ease with which you can assemble it – a far cry from assembling some of her other toys..!

At £85, this isn’t cheap, but it is a fair reflection on the quality, handmade feel of this woodland themed wigwam. If it lasts you for around 7-10 years of your little one’s childhood, it’s also actually exceptional value. We would really recommend this Ella James wigwam and will be looking forward to trying more products from this company as our little girl grows up.



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