Three wonderful books for pre-school kids

Pre-school books come in all manner of wonderful forms, from touch books to picture books, to books that allow for a wider understanding of vocabulary.

This month, we have been enjoying three fabulous books thanks to Walker Books, all of which use animals to engage little ones in unique and wonderful ways.

A Busy Day for Birds – Lucy Cousins – Walker Books

Aside from anything else, the illustrations in this wonderful book are eye-catching and colourful, and hugely interesting to little ones, especially once they start to become excited by ducks and other birds.


Looking at how different birds act throughout the day in a simple linear tale that lets your little one imagine they are a bird, the use of language such as “swoop like a starling” and a range of onomatopoeias makes this book a great one for increasing your little one’s vocabulary.

Coming in at £11.99 for a hardback copy,this isn’t the cheapest book for a pre-schooler, but it is a magical one.

Ratings – each out of 5

Illustrations: 5
Language: 5
Fun factor: 3

Counting With Tiny Cat – Viviane Schwarz – Walker Books 

Viviane Schwarz is perhaps one of the best children’s book authors out there . This book distinguishes itself from many of the less interesting children’s counting books by not taking itself too literally by just counting from 1 to 10.


Instead, the book brings some life to counting by giving some fun examples of phrases we use when counting that actually help little ones comprehend what phrases like “enough” mean, rather than leaving them as an arbitrary statement that your little one has no understanding of.

The illustrations are more ‘basic’ and less colourful compared to many other children’s books but are hugely effective in supporting the narrative. For your toddler, this is a must have book and comes in at £11.99.

Illustrations: 4
Language: 5
Fun factor: 4

There Are Cats in This Book – Viviane Schwarz – Walker Books

A famous song says that you should save the best until last and this is what we’ve done here for this oldie but goody. Viviane Schwarz not only has some fabulous illustrations in here that make the book come to life but also engages your little one in the story by asking them to turn the page and lift flaps in order to help the cats in the book enjoy the story that you are reading.


The language used in the book is nice but nothing exceptional for a book aimed at 3+ years. It is instead the magic that comes with the notion of following and engaging with the cats through the story so that you become their friend that will make your little one love this book. Of our three options this is the cheapest at £7.99.

Illustrations: 5
Language: 4
Fun factor: 5

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