Travel Tips

Five destinations to visit in 2017

The Azores

Boasting stunning scenery, the most westerly point in Europe also allows for regular whale watching sightings of sperm whales and dolphins.

There are Air B&B options, independent hotels, group tours run by companies like Intrepid, and the option to explore the islands by ferry or internal flights. You can also fly here direct from the UK with Ryanair, meaning that this stunning destination has never been easier to get to. The food looks pretty interesting as well it must be said!

São Tomé and Príncipe

Whilst São Tomé and Príncipe is a pleasant destination all year round, June to September are the times to visit if you plan on really getting to know Africa’s second smallest country.

Split into two main islands, Príncipe is the less visited and more exciting if you are after hiking and a sense of adventure that is completely off the beaten track, whereas São Tomé is easier to get to and explore.

This isn’t a cheap destination as you will have to take indirect flights to get here and accommodation can be on the expensive side. However, this destination is one of the most spectacular for those looking to enjoy a tropical paradise that hasn’t been ruined by becoming a tourist trap.


BA offer a service four times a week from London Heathrow to Santiago, following in the footsteps of its recent route to Lima, so South America is starting to become easier to visit without having to spend hours changing planes and waiting for connecting flights.

Going on BA’s longest non-stop flight might be exciting enough for some travellers, but the real allure is of course the chance to see a country of extremes. The Atacama Desert is not only the driest non-polar place on earth but alsoan incredible destination for stargazing. You’ll also have the chance to see pumas in the amazing scenery of the Andes and you can also access the far-flung Easter Islands once you get here (and still be on Chilean soil when you visit them). All in all, you need to get to Chile before the crowds do.


Perfect to visit between October and December, Ethiopia has some of the most diverse attractions on the globe. From the stunning peaks of the Simien mountains to being able to watch Christian worship at its purest during night vigils at Lalibela, Ethiopia brings a taste of the true Africa to tourists prepared to visit.

For foodies out there, Ethiopia boasts a truly intriguing cuisine but if you’re thinking of visiting with the kids, remember to bring everything from car seats to nappies as you won’t find these in plentiful supply!


This is one destination we are heading to this year! Japan is, of course, a country that has always held an attraction because of the unique nature of its culture, but it is also the case that some of the stunning beaches and the northern islands of Hokkaido are just waiting for tourists to discover them.

Islands such as Miyakojima are now easily accessible on cheap air passes from Japan Air and ANA and the new bullet train links up to the northern island of Hokkaido, so some of the stunning sights the country boasts, like Japanese macaques bathing in hot water pools, are now even easier to get to.

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