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Making Christmas easier with Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph are a pretty cool company by anyone’s standards. They make innovative, modern kitchen utensils that combine aesthetics with usability to create gadgets and accessories for home cooks that look good whilst actually making life easier!

We road-tested three of their Christmas products, which have been designed to ease the burden of getting the great Christmas roast dinner from the prep stage, to the oven stage, to the table (and tummy!) stage.

Here are our thoughts on three of the kitchen gadgets you can find in the Joseph Joseph Christmas range this year:

The Complete Carving Set – RRP £40

How many times have you taken that perfect roast dinner out of the oven, with the joint of meat looking beautiful, only to absolutely butcher it when it comes to carving?! We’ve all done it, either by using the wrong sort of surface to carve on, or (more commonly) using the wrong carving utensils.


The Complete Carving Set from Joseph Joseph aims to eradicate this roast dinner crime thanks to a combination of a sturdy, slanted carving board and one of the best carving knifes we’ve ever encountered. The knife and the carving fork (not sure if that’s the technical term but there you go) are extremely sharp but don’t have that scary metallic look that some carving sets have! The knife carved through our five-bird roast like a knife through butter, on the whole managing to keep our slices intact as we carved through the different layers.

This carving set saved us a whole load of stress when it came to serving up our roast dinner, and it looked pretty good on our table as well!

Chop2Pot Bamboo – RRP £15

£15 is a snip for the quality and effectiveness of this kitchen accessory. The bamboo folding chopping board from Joseph Joseph is so pleasing to cut on (and you can trust me, I cut up a LOT of parsnips on it last weekend).

Since the wood is porous and dense, it resist water and knife scarring, making it a really nice surface to chop on. The chopping board has non-slip feet to ensure it stays still when you have a sharp knife in your hand, which is always a bonus! After you’ve done your chopping, you can use the unique folding design to fold the board and pour the vegetables into your saucepan.

This has only been in our household for a fortnight but it’s already stolen the crown of being our favourite chopping board.

Elevate Steel Tongs – RRP £15

The Joseph and Joseph steel tongs are made from stainless steel and have heat-resistant silicone heads that are heat-resistant up to a whopping 270°C. We used them to transfer items in and out of piping hot oven trays, to serve vegetables with our dinner, and to serve items like stuffing and pigs in blanket straight out the oven.


The thing I like the most about the tongs is the fact that they come with a weighted handle and a tool rest, which means when you place them on your work surface, the mucky head of the utensil does not make contact with the surface. This is great for hygiene, obviously, but also ideal for those of us who can’t abide mess!

We’ll be cracking this bad boy out again come summer time for our BBQs.

So there you have it, three items that will make your Christmas a hell of a lot easier when it comes to life in the kitchen. We’d have to go out on a limb and say that, unexpectedly, the bamboo folding chopping board was our favourite of the gadgets, and a real bargain at only £15.

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