Travel News drop AMEX fees from bookings have obviously had a successful period recently, with their decision to expand from their northern hub as far south as London Stansted. With an ever-expanding target market with these new routes, it looks like are trying to learn some of the lessons from their customer service team’s poor reputation (read all about our experience in Gran Canaria here).

They are removing credit card fees (including AMEX) from their bookings. They are the first airline to do so, and we’re pleased to see doing this, especially given the well-known pluses of using a credit card when making a travel booking. Many other airlines still charge ridiculous fees for using credit cards, and particularly for using AMEX.

We hope that with lower fuel costs affecting airlines, and with prevailing good conditions affecting the air travel industry, these savings and conditions will be passed on directly to the consumer. There is no reason for this not to include credit card fees; after all, you wouldn’t walk into Tesco and expect to be charged 50p for doing your weekly shop on an AMEX.

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