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Cookware for pure indulgence: The Judge Deep Fat Fryer

These days, deep fat fryers are viewed as being a touch unhealthy by many, with the use of air fryers seemingly all the rage as the “healthy” alternative. That said, we all enjoy a nice indulgent treat every so often, whether in the form of some home cooked chips or a sweet treat that needs a little bit of frying!

Thankfully, the good people at Judge Cookware have realised that we’re not always desperate to be super healthy and have created an excellent deep fat fryer that we recently road-tested whilst making a batch of doughnuts.


After a pretty fun process making the dough, we were ready to get cracking in terms of getting the doughnuts cooked which, of course, requires deep fat frying. After pouring in an (un)healthy amount of oil, the Judge deep fat fryer had its first win – there is a clear light that shows you when your oil has reached the temperature you need.

This means you can pick the temperature without fear of being burned by hot oil when trying to dip a thermometer in. As an added bonus, it didn’t take long at all for the oil to reach the 180 degrees required for our doughnuts to cook perfectly.


Once the right temperature was reached, it was easy to lift the frying basket out and then drop it back down once the doughnuts were in the basket. There was ample room for at least two rather large (especially when puffed up) doughnuts.


Although we didn’t need to use it for the doughnuts, the fryer also comes with a viewing window to allow you to keep an eye on your food as it cooks.


We also loved the fact that the lid kept the awful smell that cooking oil can have from permeating our house, instead leaving us with that wonderful smell of perfectly cooked doughnuts. This made the job of saving them for some friends doubly difficult!


After enjoying using the fryer, it was easy to clean and left us wondering how often it is acceptable to be a little unhealthy and indulgent…

If you have any questions about how we got on with our fryer please comment below and if you feel inspired to be a touch unhealthy, you can get your Judge deep fat fryer here.

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