Bathing Bunnies Baby Towels: Introduce a new animal character into your little one’s life

We love bath time in our house. Our little girl loves being in the bath; she loves splashing around, playing with her bath toys, and being in the water. That said, there is one thing she doesn’t like: getting out! It helps, therefore, when there’s a product to hand that makes getting dry fun. One such product that we’ve been trying out this week is the Bathing Bunnies Baby Towel, a luxurious hooded towel designed to look like one of a range of animal characters.

For our little girl, we chose the pink bunny. Our little one has a soft spot for bunnies, so it was the obvious choice for us. Even better, our towel came with our little one’s name embroidered on the back, making it a really special addition to our evening routine.

As for the scientific stuff hiding behind the cuteness of the product, Bathing Bunnies baby towels use only the finest, super-absorbent 100% cotton terry towelling material. This means that they stay soft wash after wash, so they’ll always be kind to sensitive baby skin. The towelling material dries our little girl really quickly and with the minimum of fuss, which is important for keeping the mood good just before bedtime!

If you’re looking for a cute personalised product for a little one in your life as Christmas rapidly approaches, a Bathing Bunnies baby towel could be the perfect choice, especially since the towels arrive cleverly folded so that they can be propped up to look like a freestanding animal toy. This ensures that the animal character becomes a memorable part of bath time, so your little one will actually want to get out of the bath once bath time has come to an end in order to spend a few minutes with their new friend!

Bathing Bunnies baby towels start at £20.99, which isn’t bad at all when you take into account the quality and enduring appeal of the towel. The size also means that your baby won’t outgrow the towel for many years, unlike some baby towels on the market today.

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