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Snacking made easy with Judge Popcorn Maker

We love popcorn in our household. Sweet, salted, buttered, with chilli, toffee, or even with something more unusual like cinnamon, we love the stuff! Popcorn can, however, be a tad unhealthy, and a large part of that is down to the way in which it’s normally made (hint: lots of fat is involved!). The Judge Popcorn Maker seeks to find a way around this unhealthy element to ensure that popcorn can be a family-friendly, healthy snack for movie nights.


Rather than using fat, the Judge Popcorn Maker simply uses hot air to turn the corn kernels into extremely fluffy popcorn. You can then, of course, make things slightly more indulgent by adding your own toppings or flavourings (there’s a built-in butter warmer for those who love their butter popcorn).


It takes less than one minute to turn a scoop of kernels into a bowl of popcorn, perfect for the whole family to share. This makes it an economical way of eating popcorn – once you’ve invested in a cheap bag of kernels, it really does go an awfully long way.

This means you can spend your leftover pennies on really nice toppings – one of our favourites was a mix of sugar and cinnamon, and homemade toffee also went brilliantly with the fluffy popcorn.

The Judge Popcorn Maker retails at around the £30 mark – that’s the equivalent of about six overpriced cartons of popcorn at the cinema! This would make a fantastic gift for any foodie in your life this Christmas, especially if they have a sweet tooth.

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