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Puddings and pies rule autumn additions to Trinity Kitchen

Here at, we love Trinity Kitchen. It has evolved into an integral part of the Leeds food scene by offering an excellent balance of great permanent venues like Pho and Rola Wala and an ever-changing line-up of temporary stalls that keeps you coming back to enjoy new tasty experiences.

This autumn, we have some of the top street food stalls in the UK in the kitchen – here’s the lowdown on what’s hot and what’s hotter in the current line-up!

The Crema Caravan


So, who would have thought that you could take an idea as simple as creme brûlée and make an entire street food van out of it?! Well, the guys at The Crema Caravan clearly did just that and boy have they hit the nail on the head.

They top their exceptional creme brûlée with various toppings (we tried both a peanut butter blondie version and a pear crumble one) but the delicate simplicity of the original version will impress even experienced creme brûlée devourers!

Sela Bar


Offering grilled cheese sandwiches, Sela Bar are selling hearty options just as it starts to get chilly outside. With tons of options to choose from, we kept it restrained(ish) by ordering grilled cheese in its purest form: grilled halloumi.

Covered in what seemed to be a delightful breadcrumb coating, this was a divine choice that left all of us (including our little girl) really impressed.

Mr D’s Pie Machine

Pork. Stuffing. Pastry. Mash. Gravy. Not much more than that needs to be said, other than if you like your pies, you’ll love this attractive, outlandish pie van. The pies here aren’t huge, but they are devilishly tasty, and they make up what they slightly lack in quantity by exceptional quality.

The pies are made so carefully and with so much attention that they come served in half, so you can see the ingredients for yourself, a rarity in the pie world!

Shoot The Bull

Proclaiming to bring gastro-restaurant style food to a street van is a big claim but it’s the one that the good folk at Shoot The Bull make. I ordered a Yorkshire (of course) Wagyu beefburger with a truffle and Parmesan sauce simply because I had never seen anything like this on a street food menu before.

My curiosity was rewarded with a burger that tasted very different and interesting without leaving me fully blown away. The burger was a reasonable success, but the mac n’ cheese was the true hero here, even in battle with the solid chips. Covered in bacon cream, this was as rich, indulgent and cheesy as mac n’ cheese should be.

Overall, there are some really exciting options this autumn at Trinity Kitchen, including The Steak Out, which looked great but we can’t comment on it sadly as our bellies were already fit to bursting and we simply couldn’t have eaten any more food!

Have you tried out any of the other Trinity Kitchen newcomers? Let us know!

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