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Bossa: Leeds’ latest Brazilian foodie offering

Have you ever had that meaty craving that only Fazenda, that Leeds carnivore’s paradise, can fulfill, but have felt unable to book a table due to having little ones in tow who perhaps wouldn’t add to the sophisticated atmosphere of the waterfront restaurant?!

Well, Bossa, the new opening next door to Red’s True Barbecue near the Corn Exchange, could well be what you’re looking for. Think Fazenda and then think kid-friendly chain-restaurant feel, and you’ve got Bossa. That said, when we visited, the place was full of couples, groups of friends, and those with older children, so this certainly isn’t the sort of place you would avoid if you don’t have to keep the little ones happy.

The concept is one we’ve become familiar with in Leeds: waiters carry around skewers of meat and, if you want to sample what they’ve got, you keep the green side of a little plastic cow visible on your table. If you’re full, you turn it over to red.

Clearly the meat they do best at Bossa is the beef. The cap of rump was exceptional, and the weekly special was a slightly different cut of beef, which was equally as mouth-watering. The lamb was served slightly pink, which we loved, and the sausages were also top-notch. The beef brisket, cooked in delicious herbs and spices, was melt in the mouth and I could have eaten a whole dish just of that.

The only letdown was the chicken, which was on the dry side and needed a bit of TLC to liven it up a bit before being served. We were, however, visiting Bossa during its soft launch period, so this issue has probably been ironed out.

There are kid-friendly options on the menu clearly designed for mass appeal, the most notable being the meat topped with melted cheese. We saw a couple of older children on another table absolutely gorging on these, so well done to Bossa on that front! It was also great that Bossa offered a range of ketchups and sauces on the table in a bid to open up people’s minds despite the temptation always to stick to favourites!

The price point for Bossa is far more accessible than the likes of Fazenda, which again would make you feel more comfortable about taking a whole troop of younger ones with you for a family celebration. It’s also worth saying that our waiter was really lovely; he clearly didn’t have much experience as he looked straight out of school (this could be our age talking!) but he was fantastic and looked after us very well.

If you like your meat and you want an easy, accessible option in the heart of town, Bossa could well be the option for you!

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