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Great British Bake Off 2016: Episode Two Recap

Biscuit week: our favourite! Week Two on GBBO and whilst you wouldn’t exactly call it crunch time just yet (get it?!), things are just starting to get a little serious in the tent. If you missed it, don’t worry, here’s our episode round-up:

  • The signature challenge tasked the bakers with making 24 iced biscuits, all identical and crisp. A pretty easy sounding challenge, but how did the bakers fare?
  • Tom’s biscuits sounded delicious, ground coffee and chai combining in the mixture to create something really special. Or at least it sounded that way.
  • Welsh Louise had a nightmare when she dropped her half-baked biccies on the floor – every baker’s nightmare – and had to start again from scratch.
  • Andrew again proved why he’s starting to look like this year’s Ian by smugly talking about how his biscuits were meant to tessellate. Sigh.
  • In general, this challenge seemed really, really STRESSFUL, which is weird considering how simple it is to make 24 biscuits.
  • Michael got fantastic feedback for his uniform, pint-inspired biccies, smug Andrew’s biscuits were deemed stale-tasting by Paul, Benjamina put on another solid display with her biscuits, lovely Val was criticised for not putting up the whole batch of 24, Selasi’s chilli and lime flavoured biscuits got resounding praise, and Tom’s coffee-inspired attempts brought a handshake from Paul.
  • And so on to the technical and the challenge of creating a Viennese whirl.
  • This one was tough, with pretty much everyone struggling. Selasi came out on the bottom of the pile, with Kate winning.
  • And so on to the showstopper, a 3D gingerbread house. Michael had some gluing issues with his construction, inspired by a visit to Lapland, and Louise also struggled with her church, resulting in something of a horror show. Meanwhile, Benjamina described her own effort as ‘shameful’. As for poor old Val, her New York scene collapsed at the last minute. Disaster!
  • Some bakers did, however, nail the brief. Andrew’s punting scene did look very good, and also tasted good, reminding Paul of his mother’s gingerbread. Kate’s Brownies-inspired construction looked brilliant but lacked texture and flavour. Michael won praise for his gingerbread, but the look was somewhat lacking, especially the questionable piping.
  • Candice was the real winner here, though, her pub, complete with pool table and bar with bar staff (her mum and dad), looking absolutely stunning.
  • The title of Star Baker was, deservedly, handed in her direction, whilst Louise was sent packing from the tent. Val lives to bake another week, somehow, bless her!

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