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Great British Menu Series 11: Scotland Week Preview

It feels like years since one of our favourites, Great British Menu, has been on our screens, but we can now sit back and relax as it kicks off again on Bank Holiday Monday at 7:30pm on BBC Two.

While we get excited about all the weeks, this year’s series starts with a particularly strong group of chefs: Michael Bremner (64 Degrees – Brighton), Adam Handling (The Frog – London) and our favourite Ally McGrath (Osso – Peebles).

Adam earned the acclaim of being the first ever trainee chef to start at Gleneagles and his style of cooking is influenced by his love of Asian (and particularly Japanese style) cooking. We’re looking forward to seeing how he balances his love for Asian cuisine with this year’s brief of celebrating ‘Great Britons’.

Having taken Brighton by storm, Michael Bremner is now hoping to transfer his success in the Brighton food scene to the big screen as he makes an attempt to showcase his small-plate style to the country. As well as this, Michael should be slightly less wary of presenting his dishes to the judges as 64 Degrees boast a pioneering attitude where no waiters (or waitresses) are employed so chefs have to talk to diners and relay information about the food themselves!

The final (and our favourite for the week) competitor is Ally McGrath, who is still based in Scotland working from Osso where he owns as a family restaurant. Ally strives to find that balance between fine dining and being an eatery that is accessible to locals and families and from the sounds of it succeeds wholeheartedly. You can read our exclusive interview with him here.

While we don’t like to put our neck out too far as the pressure of the Great British Menu can be tough even for the most experienced of chefs, we feel that this week should been an excellent one!

Let us know who you think will go through and if we are going to get any 10s during this week by commenting below.

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