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Easter extravagance at Oh, You Pretty Things in Trinity Kitchen

Oh, You Pretty Things is a cocktail and champagne bar located in Trinity Kitchen. For some reason, it had previously flown under our radar in terms of our knowledge of the Leeds bar scene, that is until they emailed us about their Easter cocktail creation: the Chocolate Cream Pie.

Upon opening up the email, we took one quick look at the photo and set about arranging a trip down there!


To describe it briefly, the Chocolate Cream Pie cocktail consisted of Southern Comfort, Baileys, Cacao Blanc, Gomme, chocolate ice cream, milk, cream, chocolate fingers, an oyster waffle, an easter egg, and oreos (well, why not!) to top the extravagance off in style!

Weighing in at over 600 calories per cocktail, it was a real treat for the senses, and so indulgent that Kyle and I could only manage to share one between us (I know, we’re lightweights).

That apparent restraint could, to be fair, have had something to do with the fact that we were also sharing an afternoon tea.

We’re huge afternoon tea fans and again, the afternoon tea offering at Oh, You Pretty Things in Trinity had flown massively under our radar. However, we’re so glad that we got the chance to try it out because, quite simply, it was divine (and extremely filling – eating dinner that evening was a struggle).

The afternoon tea at Oh, You Pretty Things is served on a really pretty triple tier slate cake stand. The bottom layer is stacked full of delicious sandwiches (the egg mayo being a personal favourite of mine), the middle layer is home to four (yes, four!) huge, warm, freshly baked scones.


The scones were the ideal texture for me; not too crumbly, they were more like a sweet bread than a harder scone. I love my scones served like this and they went down a treat with the clotted cream and strawberry jam. I liked the fact that the waiter told us we could ask for more jars of clotted cream without feeling embarrassed!


As for the top level, there was no messing around with pretentious touches here; it was dominated by brownie bites and chocolate mini rolls. If you like your chocolate and you like your afternoon tea, this is the ideal place to come!


Oh, You Pretty Things is the perfect location for a family afternoon tea. The atmosphere, being in Trinity Kitchen, is buzzy and fine for those with little ones in attendance. It’s also suitable for couples who prefer a child-free atmosphere (the bar area is more exclusive and you probably wouldn’t sit there with children).


We’d certainly recommend their drink offerings and their afternoon tea to anyone with an appetite after an afternoon of shopping in Trinity.

Disclaimer: I was invited down to Oh, You Pretty Things to sample the Easter cocktail and an afternoon tea. All opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to provide a positive review.

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